Ecoiconoclastas @ Huarte, Iruñea 31/07 - 13/09

Exhibición colectiva Ecoiconoclastas @ Centro Huarte, Iruñea 31/07 - 13/09
Participan: Josu Rekalde, Mikel Arze, Patxi Araujo, Sarah Rasines, Jon Mantzisidor, Enrike Hurtado, Mattin.

Inauguración + concierto el 31/07 19:30h

Patxi Araujo
Sarah Rasines
Jon Matzisidor
Azunak (Enrike Hurtado)

Xaloa Telebista. Artearen Ibilbidea 2015-Patxi Araujo

Mención en el telediario de La 2. min 19:30

Mattin @ CONTINUOUS DRIFT. Irlanda


Opening / Launch Event
July 2nd, 2015
6 - 8 PM
Project Arts Centre
Dublin, Ireland

*Continuous Drift* is a new public sound installation by the artist Sven
Anderson that is integrated into Meeting House Square in Dublin, Ireland.
The installation features works from 21 artists and collectives, including:

Bik Van der Pol
David Blamey
Karl Burke
Taylor Deupree
Russell Hart
Slavek Kwi
Brandon LaBelle
Danny McCarthy
Dennis McNulty
Garrett Phelan
Sarah Pierce
Raqs Media Collective
Steve Roden
Dawn Scarfe
Jed Speare
Wolfgang Voigt
Mark Peter Wright
Miki Yui

The launch event will feature a live performance by Miki Yui and the first
edition of a set of *Continuous Drift* posters designed by Distinctive
Repetition. Those attending the event will migrate from Project to Meeting
House Square where they can experience this installation for the first time.

Click here for more information about the launch

*Continuous Drift* is a framework for different sonic atmospheres - created
by 21 participating artists and collectives - that can be activated by
members of the public via mobile devices to be played back from eight
loudspeakers integrated in the four retractable umbrellas that cover
Meeting House Square. Situating itself as part sound installation, part
outdoor sound art gallery, and part urban / architectural intervention, the
project explores a new form of aural democracy set within the city.

*Continuous Drift* is an artwork designed and curated by Sven Anderson
within *Manual for Acoustic Planning and Urban Sound Design* (*MAP*), a
public art project commissioned by Dublin City Council. This work takes
place as part of* Interacting with the City*, the second strand of the
Dublin City Public Art Programme, and is funded from the Per Cent for Art
Scheme through the Department of the Environment, Community and Local


Mattin @ University of the West of England. What am I doing?

Mattin @ University of the West of England. What am I doing?
20/06/2015 15:30


I Simposium IKERSOINU: Actuaciones

Dentro del I Simposium IKERSOINU (upv/ehu) en el Bizkaia Aretoa, Bilbao.

- Miércoles 22, 17:30
Hector Rey. Sin título (2015) para violín, feedback y percusión.

- Jueves 23, 17:30
Ryokō (SarahRasines & AlbertoMeher)
Jon Matzisidor
Azunak (Enrike Hurtado)


I Simposium IKERSOINU (upv/ehu)
Zarata entzutetik, entzutearen zarataraino
Entre la escucha y el ruido
Apirilak 22/23 Abril
Bizkaia Aretoa, Bilbao.

IKERSOINU es un grupo de investigación, perteneciente al departamento de Arte y Tecnología de la Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Universidad del País Vasco, que parte del sonido como principal materia artística. El trabajo del grupo está centrado de forma más específica en el ámbito de la Investigación Sonora y el espacio artístico,  posibilitando de este modo el desarrollo de nuevas herramientas técnicas y conceptuales para la creación.
En esta ocasión se propone desde el grupo un encuentro bajo la forma de simposium para que, junto con diversos invitados, reconocidos profesionales en estas materias, se genere un espacio de reflexión colectivo en torno a todas estas cuestiones.


Miércoles 22 (mañana)
Ponencias (30').

10:00. Ponencia: Héctor Rey: “El ruido que se escapa: fuerzas y resistencias en el proceso de cristalización de la música improvisada”.  
(músico, editor y doctorando por la EHU-UPV).

10:45. Ponencia: Miguel Álvarez Fernández: “Resonancias lacanianas. La escucha Imaginaria (más allá del ruido de lo Real)”.
(Actual director del programa de Radio Clásica “Ars Sonora”)

(11.30. Descanso Café)

12:00. Ponencia: Anna Ramos: “Radiogenia”.
(Corresponsable de ALKU y coordinadora de Ràdio Web MACBA)

12:45. Mesa redonda con los tres ponentes.

(14:00 Descanso Comida)

Miércoles 22 (tarde)
Comunicaciones (10’)

Conciertos (entre 15’ y 20’)

16:00. Comunicación: Sarah Rasines: “Techno, Repetición y Trabajo”.
16:20. Comunicación: Mikel Arce: “La sonoridad del espacio en el arte contemporáneo: Nauman, Beuys y Serra”.
16:40. Comunicación: Jon Matzisidor: “Entzutea eta aditzea”.
17:00. Comunicación: Patxi Araujo: “Al Haiku”.

17:30-19:30 Propuestas sonoras miembros de Ikersoinu

Jueves 23 (mañana)
Ponencias (30').

10:00. Ponencia: Carmen Pardo: “Dramaturgias del ruido”.
(Profesora en la Universidad de Girona, y autora de “La escucha oblicua. Una invitación a John Cage”)

10:45. Ponencia: Xabi Erkizia: “Idi orgaren karranka edo zarataren memoria”.
(músico y director del Festival Ertz)

(11.30. Descanso Café)

12:00. Mesa redonda con los ponentes.

(13:30 Descanso Comida)

Jueves 23 (tarde)
Comunicaciones (10’)
Conciertos (entre 15’ y 20’)

16:00. Comunicación: Mattin: “El ruido como artificio”.
16:20. Comunicación: Enrike Hurtado: “Haciendo reglas para hacer música: deconstruyendo la txalaparta”.
16:40. Comunicación: Josu Rekalde: “Suena luego existe: la desjerarquización de la visualidad en el Arte”.
17:00. Comunicación: Gabriel Villota: “Cuando del cuerpo sale una voz”.

17:30-19:30 Propuestas sonoras miembros de Ikersoinu

En prensa:

Exposición del Grupo de Investigación IKERSOINU en Málaga

Mattin - Noisy Days at Shanghai Biennial

Noisy Days at Shanghai Biennial
Feb 28-Mar 01, 2015
Venue: 3F Theater, Power Station of Art
Performer: Werner Dafeldecker, Mattin, News Blues Crew, Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M, Torturing
Nurse, Yan Jun
Planner: Nicholas Bussmann

The truth, in the eyes of economists worldwide, is that of an incremental advantage: a signal
relative to a noise. Deng Xiaoping’s famous:
让一部分人先富起来 “let a few be rich first”
marks the
end of an absolute truth based on ideology for China, and ultimately, the global hegemony of the
concept of the sufficient truth of statistics, the relevant signal: The culture of advantage.

This relative truth only exists against a backdrop of noise; but can noise itself be displayed?
Noise, it seems, is only exhibited within an environment subject to a strict hygiene regime, a space
cleaned to the utmost. However, noise is no longer presented; only the frame, the white wall
remains. The noise has been domesticated. It has become a defined signal. Similarly, nobody has ever
heard the silence of John Cage’s 4:33. It is a situation where an interpreter merely executes a
composer’s algorithm/composition in a concert hall with an audience strictly seated, not daring to
move, cough or speak. With two nights of concerts, the Shanghai Biennale extends the thematic
exhibition “Social Factory” to reflect on noise as a continuous process, an uncatchable, slippery,
undefined in-between - the uncertain potential of society.


Saturday 28 February
19:30-19:40 Introduction by Nicholas Bussmann Theater
19:45-20:30 J.Cage Williams Mix by Werner Dafeldecker Theater
20:40-21:20 The News Blues concert version News Blues installation
21:30-22:10 Yan Jun Theater
22:20-23:00 Sachiko M Theater

Sunday 1 March
14:30-17:00 The News Blues workshop News Blues installation
19:30-20:15 Mattin Theater
20:25-21:10 Otomo Yoshihide Theater
21:20-22:00 torturing nurse Theater

March 5th, 6th & 7th, 2015
Noise and the Possibility for a Future
A Conference Organized at the Goethe Institute Los Angeles
Curated by Warren Neidich

Victor Albarracin, Andrew Berandini, David Burrows, Luciano Chessa, Mathieu Copeland, Simone Forti,
Paul Hegarty, J Scott Kelso , Sarah Kessler, Ulrich Krieger, Mattin, Daniel Munoz, Renee
Petropoulis, David Schafer, Marcus Schmickler, Susan Silton, Dave Soldier, Gabie Strong Karen
Tongson, Susanne Winterling

March 9th 2015

Mattin presentation at ESP forum (experimental sound practice)

CalArts | California Institute of the Arts

12:45 to 2:15pm in B3025B

Mattin - Presentation of Anti Social Realism

Presentation of Anti Social Realism (2012:Bilbao, Stockholm, Lausanne)
27th February 2015

DVD published by Yan Jun's label Sub Jam
Co-produced by CAC Bretigny

AM space, Shanghai

On Alienation: Mattin in collaboration with... Performance by Mattin Artiach. (Beirut)

On Alienation: Mattin in collaboration with...Performance by Mattin Artiach
Thursday November 6; 7pm
98weeks @ Mansion (Beirut)

On Alienation is a performance in which abstract, theoretical ideas are explored in a concrete situation. Mattin is interested in collapsing scientific experiment and experimental music, and in reconsidering the correlation between cause and effect when particular factors and concepts are manipulated in real life. The following day, Mattin will present his theoretical research in conjunction with an account of
the performance realized the night before.

Mattin Artich @ Estocolmo. Discusión sobre improvisación

17 de Noviembre 18:00
Katasalen iABF-huset Stockholm, Sveavägen 41

Mattin Artiach. 'On Alienation': 3 events in Beirut Nov. 5, 6 and 7

5th of November, Wednesday
Ray Brassier and Mattin
Non-idiomatic Improvisation (Guitar and drums)
7pm AUB Byblos Bank Art Gallery

6th of November, Thursday
Mattin in collaboration with...
7pm, 98weeks @ The Mansion

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